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As a European Citizen, do you

feel that your Personal Data

was not Handled Properly?

You may submit your complaint to us and we will file it with the company itself or with the proper European

Data Protection Authority or local Privacy Enforcement Agency.



Our Mission

Working to help protect European citizens and residents Privacy rights.

About Us

We are a private Self-Regulatory Organization with presence in several European cities, with the main goal of  helping businesses and individuals comply with EU Data Protection Rules and Regulations. We also help EU citizens with privacy complaints against breaching companies.


Practical Downloadable Video Courses

Unique Video Courses directed to Executives and Officers in charge of privacy compliance matters



Are you a European Government Agency?

No we are not. We are a private privacy monitoring and standards organization. We collaborate will all EU DPAs and other official regulatory entities in various countries.

Do you handle complaints on behalf of EU citizens?

Any EU citizen or resident may place a complaint request through our website and we will file the complaint to the company that presumably breached the individual's privacy and, if needed, to other EU and local privacy enforcement agencies.


Do you monitor and verify privacy compliance?

We constantly watch and monitor businesses outside Europe that collect EU citizens personal data through websites and various means. We always notify businesses of non-compliances so they may fix them and avoid possible complaints and/or sanctions from local and European privacy enforcers.

Do you handle privacy litigation?

We coordinate and refer EU citizens and non-EU businesses to the best privacy attorneys in case of possible litigations. We do not act as litigators directly.


Useful European Privacy Info and Links

Safe Harbor Invalidation

The EU Court of Justice declared Safe Harbor "invalid" on October 5, 2015. Learn more.

EU Commission decisions on the adequacy of the protection of personal data in third countries

The EU decides which countries have adequate privacy environments and which one do not. Learn more.

The New Privacy Shield. The new EU Commission's Decision

The EU Commission decided on July 2016 to approve a replacement for Safe Harbor: the New Privacy Shield Framework. Learn more.